IBM i and the API Economy

The API EconomyThe API economy is a new frontier for companies seeking to get the most out of their data. With the right API, you can transform rigid workflows into the intuitive web-based and mobile experiences that today’s users demand, using modern programming languages to access real-time transactional data...More
State of open data 2018

open source technology trends for 2018

Technology is always evolving. New developments, such as OpenStack, Progressive Web Apps, Rust, R, the cognitive cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and more are putting our usual paradigms on the back burner. Here is a rundown of the top open source trends expected to soar in popularity in 2018...More

What is open banking? What does it mean for banks, fintech startups & consumers?

Open Banking services launch for UK consumers on 13 January, but what is it, what needs to happen for it to be a reality and why should you care? Open banking forces UK banks to open up their data via a set of secure application programming interfaces (APIs). This will force banks to shift from being one-stop-shops for financial services to open platforms where consumers can start to embrace a more modular approach to banking by giving verified third-parties direct access to this data...More